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Ali Zafar Sent Legal Notice To Meesha Shafi - Ali Zafar Scandal

Ali Zafar Sent Legal Notice To Meesha Shafi - Say Sorry or Pay 10 Crores (100 M) | Hot Breaking News
Video Description:  In this video, you can see/watch the news that Ali Zafar has sent a legal notice to Meesha Shafi. In which Ali Zafar has demanded to apologize from Meesha Shafi on his fake blame or otherwise Meesha Shafi will have to pay 10 Crores Pakistani Rupees as per fine.

In our previous video and post, we have already posted all about this blame made by Meesha Shafi on Ali Zafar. She has just claimed that a few months earlier, The Singer Ali Zafar has just tried to sexually harass her in the jamming room.

To know more about this whole scandal of sexual harassment, you must watch and read our previous video and post.

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