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Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar Sexual Harassment Scandal

[Hot News] Meesha Shafi Blamed Ali Zafar Sexually Harassed Her | Meesha Shafi And Ali Zafar Scandal
Video Description:  In this video, you can see/watch the hot news of Meesha Shafi and Ali Zafar Scandal, which is going viral on Social Media in these days.

Meesha Shafi is blaming/claiming that Ali Zafar has sexually harassed her. Even, she said, not only for once but many times Ali Zafar has sexually harassed her in the past when she was more famous in the industry and was the mother of one child. Meesha Shafi revealed this sexual harassment of Ali Zafar on one of the top Social Media Site i.e. Twitter by tagging #MeToo (HashTag MeToo) movement which is against sexual harassment and assault and has been gone viral in 2017 on Social Media sites as #MeToo.

In return for this blame/claim of Meesha Shafi sexual harassment, Ali Zafar has totally declined this. Ali Zafar said that he never tried to do any such activities in his life and career. And definitely, he will take legal actions and…

Easter day of 2018 was celebrated peacefully in Pakistan - Easter 2018

Easter Day of 2018 was celebrated very peacefully in PAKISTAN - Happy Easter Day 2018 [in Pictures]
Video Description:  In this video, you can see/watch, Easter day i.e Easter Sunday was celebrated very peacefully in Pakistan among all the Christian communities.

Easter day only belongs to the Christian community. As Pakistan is an Islamic country where is the Muslim majority. And Muslim doesn't belong to this event in a sense to celebrate it as Christian do. But, despite it, Pakistani Government or Muslims of Pakistan never tried to stop any Christian to celebrate this event in any way. Even, they always wish Chrisitan community on this festival with happy and kind wishes. This video is a proof of it.

Nowadays, the Muslim community is not being considered as good and kind in any way as per the non-Muslim communities in all over the World. Which is not true in any way.
From this video, you can imagine the image of Muslims. So, must watch this full video, like it, share it, and giv…